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Sexy “Inez” $15,000 Gold Vibrator

You want the right tools for the job and we’ve got recommendations to help you complete the task in hand. Click on the photo of Inez by Lelo above for additional thoughts on the matter.

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Sexy Attire

Here at we believe that what you wear is who you are. It’s your sexy statement and it should be definitive. Click the photo above for more of our thoughts.

Sex Dust from Moon Juice

Sexy Dust and Aphrodisiacs

Sexy aphrodisiacs are more than just erotic foods that enhance and arouse the senses. There are myriad and esoteric possibilities. Just click on the Sex Dust™ icon above to learn more.

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Sexy Taboo Fantasies

Here at we cover all topics, from irreverent to irrelevant, including stuff you never learned in school. Click the photo above if you want to do erotic taboo fantasies too ???

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Sexy Lelo Toys & Whips

You always want the right toys for the job and we’ve got recommendations to help you complete the task at hand. Click on the Lelo Sensua Suede Whip with tassels above for a few more of them.

Bijoux Indescret Mask

Sexy Masks & Erotica

If you can dream it chances are good you can probably do it. So go for it and dream big. Click on the Bijoux Indiscrets Mask above for some of our favorites.

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Lelo Loki Male Prostate Massager


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Womanizer Pro 500 clitoral stimulater


Sexy party games for people


Pole dancing poles and classes


Stud 100 erectile delay spray for men

Worlds Oldest Condom ?

The oldest condom in the world to still exist was recently found in Lund, Sweden, and was last used around 1640 AD, having been made from some pretty endurable pig intestine. The 377 year old crusted condom was apparently reusable and came with an owner’s manual written in Latin (“veni vidi cito”). The instructions recommended washing the condom in warm milk after use as if the scrodded lactose left in it by the jolly old ejaculating soul wasn’t milk enough !

Worlds Oldest Condom RubberWhile it seems that most condoms were made from animal intestines, some accounts describe rubbers made of linen. Casanova, the legendary 19th century womanizer was said to have used linen condoms regularly. He referred to them as “Redingote Anglaise” meaning “English Riding Coat”.

Well, we’ve come a long way from fish and animal intestines for protecting “ye olde scrod” from infection and unwanted little ones while in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. From Vegan-non toxic certified chemical free fair traded contraceptives made from rubber trees, to Latex raincoats (which may contain an unvegan like milk protein called casein commonly used in processed foods), to Lambskin condoms, which are made from sheep intestines, considered by many to be great for protection against unwanted pregnancies, but not the choice for protection against viral diseases, to raincoats made from Polyisoprene, a synthetic version of latex, and Polyurethane love gloves, which are thin plastic membranes believed to offer greater sensation and sensitivity because of their thinness (faster heat transfer ).

The choices are many, and one size does not fit all. For more information about the many nuances of pecker protectors you can read more here.

“To Lube or not to lube ?”

“Lube or not to lube….that is the question”… not exactly the question asked by Prince Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play, however many people today ponder that arid question, with many variables to consider. There’s water based, silicon, vegetable oils, and don’t forget spit…all ranging from tasteless (not necessarily referring to “spit” as being a tasteless idea alternative) to edible, in myriad colors, consistencies and flavors all available in the pursuit of slippery pleasure and comfort………………less friction and more sensation.


To learn about some of the more popular lubrication products available today follow the link.