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Hey there, we want you to have fun here at and to enjoy your visit, so with that in mind, we've got some free sexy gifts to offer you. We have the Ebook version of Rochelle Montés infamous "48 Sexual Fantasies You Can Do at Home (Practically Dirt Cheap !)". This old crust covered manuscript was found hidden away in the attic of a home in Bethesda, Maryland purported to be lived in by a cross dressing drag queen who may have been an informant and kinky lover to former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and his male FBI associate Clyde Tolson.

J. Edgar & Clyde
J. Edgar Hoover & Clyde Tolson

It's believed by many that Rochelle Monté was the pen name of J. Edgar Hoover, and that he wrote many of these outrageous sex fantasies while in flagrante dilecto with Clyde and the mysterious cross dressing drag queen.

Get a load of just a sampling of the sexual fantasy titles: "Rudy the Hairdresser", "Toys Are Us""King Plenty""Swap Meat", and "Camp Wilson".

This book will be ready for free email distribution after April 1st, (no fooling), and to get your free copy just send us a request for it.

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