Sexy Aerial Pole Dancing Acrobatics

Pole dance patrons
The first pole dancing patrons await for the floor show to begin at the station !!

Of all the positions available to try on the pole “Drama Queen” and “Chopper” are two that stand out prominently for many performers, although “Frog” and “Crucifix Climb” are noteworthy as well for their simplicity, style and beauty. Today, pole dancing is recognized as an art form and although you won’t see it at the Summer Olympic Games anytime soon the appeal for pole dancing and aerial exercise is growing.

Much of this interest to pole dancing dates back almost 150 years, and can be credited to David B Kenyon of the 21st Fire Engine Brigade in Chicago, who conceived of the idea while working hay feed on the 3rd floor of the fire department when the fire alarm sounded, but instead of jumping out window or taking three flights of stairs down to the horse drawn fire engine below, he watched one of his crew slide down the long wooden pole to the fire engine, at which point the hay pole found new utility and  amusement for the crew and patrons alike.

It was soon after that pole dancing as entertainment, art, and acrobatic aerial exercise found its appeal for more than a few firemen at the station.

Today, there are literally hundreds of moves and positions that can be done on the pole, and a definitive place to learn them online is at Aerial Amy’s Pole Dancers Dictionary page, replete with photos and explanations for many of the pole dancing acrobatics.

The thing to remember about pole dancing and aerial acrobatic fitness is that one size does not fit all. Just for starters, thicknesses and finishes vary, as do lengths. There are many questions and many answers.

A good place to go online for many of those answers is, a leader in pole and aerial fitness. They can probably get you started for around $200 for an X-Pole Sport model and you’ll soon be ready to start your sexy poling adventures !

Sport PolseThe X-Pole Sport is the most affordable Professional Grade Exercise/Dance Pole on the market, a stationery, bottom-loading model featuring the revolutionary X-Joint and unique adjuster system that can expand and fully lock the pole in position without ever leaving the ground, and it contains all the parts needed for expanded heights of 7’4″ to 9 feet.