#1 Rudy the Hairdresser


Rudy: An expensive Beverly Hills hairdresser who exclusively does pubic hair perms, trims, hot wax jobs and shaves.

Madame Dupree: A rich Beverly Hills socialite whose movie producer husband demands that she have her pubic hair done each week at Rudy’s Pube Hair Parlor.

Props: Hair styling mousse, hair spray, scissors, comb, lubricant, spray-on hair dye in various colors (pink, black, red, blonde), a barber towel, hair dryer, and a chair to use as a pussy barber chair. Leather recliners are best as they allow the customer to lay back with her knees pulled up showing her big tits and exposing her big hairy love mound, the latter being the subject of Rudy’s specialties.

Scene: Madam Dupree arrives at “Rudy’s Pubic Hair Parlor” in her chauffeur driven Rolls Royce. Rudy greets her and escorts her to the shampoo sink. Madame Dupree has dressed appropriately for her pubic hair job. She peels off her leather mini skirt exposing her garter belt, stockings, and bared bush. Straddling the shampoo sink, Madame Dupree feels the warm stream of water squirting down the crack of her ass as Rudy’s hands slide into her jungle crotch. After shampooing her bush, Rudy leads her to the leather recliner where she lays down, pulling her knees up to her tits. Rudy, dressed only in a silver thong, begins his magic by blow drying her crotch, greasing up her cunt hair and gently pulling it back away from Madame Dupree’s glistening pink clitty fuck slit. Madame Dupree tells Rudy just how she would like her pussy pelt done this week. Rudy must comb it and make spikes out of her cunt hair. Then Rudy must spray her spiked pubes red and grease her slit with lubricant. Madame Dupree cannot contain herself any longer and comes from Rudy’s treatment. Completing his task, Rudy slips her clit clip on and colors her bulging vulva with fire engine red lipstick.

Handing Madame Dupree a mirror, Rudy watches her examine his handy work.

“That’s not my shade of lipstick, Rudy!” snaps Madame Dupree. “Remove it immediately, Rudy,” she demands. Rudy responds to Madame Dupree’s command by kneeling before her Grand Canyon, licking it clean.

Driven to sexual madness Madame Dupree screams “Fuck me, fuck me, Rudy”.

Responding to his customer’s wishes Rudy whips out his engorged pussy pole and plunders into her hairdo.

Let your imagination(s) carry the fantasy further at this point !!