#8 Toys Are Us


Roy: A deranged postal worker who spends his spare time walking the streets in run down red light porno districts with nothing on but a trench coat and sandals.

Rhoda:  Ex-porno film actress who now is a sales girl at a tacky porno shop.

Props: Everything you would find in adult book stores; Disgusting sex magazines, porno movies, dildos, butt plugs, anything that vibrates, penis enlarger pump, anal love beads, your favorite whip, and some first class lubricants.

Scene: Roy, as usual, cannot fight off his late night urge to stalk the streets of a slummy porno district in search of sex freaks. Roy’s deranged mind is flooded with perverse thoughts as he puts on his trench coat and sandals. Arriving at his sleazy Shangri-la, Roy notices something is amiss. Where Cindy’s House of Fulfillment, a massage parlor, used to be, a new store moved in and had a sign that read:

“XXX Adult Toys XXX…Demonstrations $10.00…Good Towards Any Purchase”

Roy’s temples pounded as he became enraged by the filth and depravity that surrounded him. Stalking into the store, Roy becomes aroused by the site of Rhoda, who is the epitome of a well used, sleazy whore.

Roy has shown an interest in a number of toys and Rhoda enthusiastically agrees to demonstrate them for him. Rhoda leads Roy to a private room that has a big mirror and a chair placed in front of it.

slut“Let me show you this one,” said Rhoda, as she hikes up her miniskirt,  pulls her panties down below her knees, sits back in the chair, and grabs the vibrating monk head dildo with the beaver tongue sticking out, mounted at the base of the tool. Rhoda greases up the monk head and jams it all the way in so the little vibrating beaver tongue can buzz away on her love button. Rhoda demonstrated how to change speeds and make the monk head wiggle like a snake, and by turning it upside down, she had the little beaver tongue sticking up her asshole.

While viewing the demonstrations, Roy jerks off and blows his wad all over Rhoda.

“That will be ten bucks extra buster,” exclaims Rhoda. “Fuck that,” says Roy, as he subdues Rhoda, cuffing her to the chair.

“I want to do a little demonstration of my own”, proclaims Roy as he struts to the front of the store, locks the door, and turns the sign in the window around to read “closed”.

As he returns to the private room he gathers up arm loads of the most disgusting toys he can find. The silence of the cold still night is the only interruption of Rhoda’s loud passion filled shrieks as Roy subjects her to a variety sexual devices.

The rest of the story can be discovered inside your mind !!